Auckland, NZForbe Advisor have ranked the world’s cities for best work-life balance.   Auckland, New Zealand is placed 5th and is the first city outside of Europe to rank in the top 10 in the Work-Life Balance Index for 2023.

Many factors were analysed, including average working hours, minimum annual leave, sunlight hours and proportion of remote & hybrid working vacancies.

Many medical professionals are seeking a work-life balance for their well-being, personal happiness and career success.  A Forbes Advisor recent study found that over half of British workers would accept lower paid jobs in lieu of a better work-life balance.

So how does Auckland deliver a top-ranking work-life balance?  Well, there are plenty of employment opportunities for radiologist, psychiatrists and general practitioners largely due to a growing and diverse economy.  The people are friendly and relaxed, creating a pleasurable place to live, work, raise families and enjoy the many natural amenities for unwinding and indulging.

Full time employees are entitled to an annual of four weeks paid leave, 10 days sick leave and 11 public holidays days.

If you’re a doctor or medical specialist searching for that lucrative work-life balance, our team at Hospital Staff Solutions can help you find work in Auckland and throughout New Zealand and Australia. Get in touch with us today and start prioritising your mental health, happiness and well-being.

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