From 01 July 2024, changes have been made to visa conditions which impacts holders of the Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa.

This change is part of the Australian Government’s Migration Strategy. They aim to tackle worker exploitation and boost productivity by enhancing the job flexibility of temporary migrants.

This update to the visa rule is the increased time given to visa holders to secure a new job if they stop working for their current sponsoring employer.

In the past, visa holders had only a short period to find a new sponsor or leave Australia. Now, under the new rules, visa holders can stop working with their sponsoring employer for:

  • 180 days at a time; or
  • a maximum of 365 days in total across their entire visa grant period.


Do I have to notify the Department of Home Affairs?

Yes.  Sponsors are required to notify the Department of Home Affairs within 28 days of any changes to a sponsored visa holder’s employment circumstances. This includes if:

  • they cease sponsoring the visa holder; or
  • the visa holder resigns from their role.

What were the old visa conditions – before 01 July 2024?

Visa holders were not allowed to:

  • Stop working for more than 60 consecutive days
  • Work in a different occupation than the one specified in their nomination application
  • Work for any employer other than their sponsor (unless exempt)

What are the new visa conditions – after 01 July 2024?

Visa holders are now allowed to:

  • Stop working for their sponsor for up to 180 days at a time or up to 365 days in total during the visa period.
  • Work in any occupation with any employer after leaving their sponsoring employer.

These changes are sensible and beneficial steps to reduce worker exploitation for those on temporary employer-sponsored visas. Previously, visa holders had only 60 days to find a new sponsor, leave the country, or apply for another visa to stay compliant. Now, these amendments offer a fairer system by giving them more time to find new employment and allowing them to work and support themselves financially during this period, easing their anxiety.

It’s crucial to review the specific eligibility criteria for the visa subclass you are applying for and any updates or changes to immigration policies.  For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to the official website of the Department of Home Affairs or contact us to put you in touch with a dedicated immigration professional who can provide guidance based on the latest policies and regulations.

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