Medical specialists who have been hesitant to make the move to New Zealand because of border restrictions, the MIQ system and the unknown of when they can see their extended family, now have more certainty and can plan with confidence. The MIQ isolation system made it difficult and uncertain for people to visit family overseas , and with the NZ border closed to visitors, there was no way their family could visit them here.

All this is about to change with the announcement by the New Zealand government on the planned border opening this year. It will be easier for medical specialists to come to NZ on a date of their choice (and self-isolate) and just as importantly, later in 2022 their extended families can come to visit.

New Zealand Border- Summary of Five Stage Plan

  1. 11.59pm 27 February 2022- fully vaccinated New Zealanders and other eligible travellers in Australia can enter New Zealand and self-isolate on arrival.
  2. 13th March 2022- fully vaccinated New Zealand citizens, New Zealand residents in the rest of the world and other eligible travellers in Australia can enter New Zealand and self-isolate on arrival. Eligible travellers must have spent the previous 14 days in Australia and meet health requirements before they travel.
  3. 12th April 2022- temporary visa holders currently outside New Zealand and who have a valid visa can enter New Zealand as long as they still meet their visa requirements. Up to 5000 international students can enter New Zealand for semester two.
  4. July 2022- New Zealand’s border opens to Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents and other foreign nationals travelling from Australia, visitors from visa-waiver countries and Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) holders.
  5. October 2022- the border opens for all other New Zealand visa holders, including visitor and student visas, unless the visa is closed or paused.

MIQ and Self Isolation

  1. MIQ will be removed for most travellers in phased reconnection, replaced by self-isolation and tests on-arrival
  2. Self-isolation is only available for fully vaccinated travellers who are eligible to enter New Zealand.
  3. Travellers will self-isolate for 10 days. If New Zealand’s self-isolation period changes, such as a drop to 7 days, the self-isolation period for travellers will also change.
  4. Travellers will be provided three rapid antigen tests at the airport, one for use on day 0/1, and one for use on day 5/6, with one extra for backup.

There’s alot to take in! For advice and guidance on working in New Zealand as a medical specialist, we’re your experts in medical recruitment. Email us for information about registration, jobs available and comprehensive help with your entire relocation process.


Source of information: NZ Immigration website