New Zealand is still a popular choice for overseas doctors, and with an aging population and a shortage of skilled medical professionals, there is a growing demand for skilled and experienced overseas medical specialists.

Many New Zealanders typically head overseas after finishing their training, to pursue post graduate fellowships, overseas opportunities or to travel the world. While this creates a challenge for the New Zealand healthcare system, it also presents a unique opportunity for skilled overseas trained medical specialists to make a real difference in our country’s healthcare sector.

Straight to Residence!

To attract skilled overseas migrants for the long term, in late 2022 New Zealand introduced the Straight to Residence Pathway program for overseas medical specialists, who can secure a job then apply for permanent residence whilst still in their home country. This initiative is aimed at giving medical specialists more security and enables them to arrive knowing they can stay long term and make New Zealand home.

Range of Specialist Positions

So, if you’re an overseas doctor considering a move to New Zealand, rest assured there are still plenty of medical specialist job openings available across New Zealand’s hospitals. In particular, if you’re a Radiologist, a Psychiatrist, a General Medicine Physician or an Emergency Medicine Specialist, get in touch with us about specific positions. Salaries and benefits packages are comparable to many other countries, and with the high standard of living & work-life balance, welcoming culture and stunning natural environment, it’s no wonder New Zealand continues to be an attractive destination for many doctors and their families.

Contact us today for more information about your eligibility for registration, plus how we help with the entire end to end process of relocating to New Zealand!

For information about current vacancies look at our jobs pages or get in touch if you don’t see a job for you! There are new opportunities every day and many of our positions aren’t necessarily advertised.