We did it!

After months of restrictions due to COVID-19, New Zealand has now moved to Alert Level 1. New Zealand has seen no new reported cases of the virus in the past few weeks, putting us in a rare category of countries who have managed to eradicate COVID-19. For the majority of the population this means back to business as usual and a collective sigh of relief!

Although borders remain closed, the demand for medical professionals across New Zealand and Australia remains. As essential workers, specialist doctors and other healthcare workers can still travel to either country should they have an offer of employment. At Hospital Staff Solutions we’re in close contact with our immigration advisors, ensuring we stay on top of any changes to visa application processes within New Zealand and Australia.

Now that we’re out of “lock-down” and back to a new normal, we’re looking forward to supporting local businesses and catching up with friends and families who we haven’t seen in some time. Although international travel is off the cards for now, New Zealand offers a plethora of stunning places to visit in all seasons. In the southern hemisphere, winter has definitely arrived which means the ski season will be opening up shortly and other sporting matches kicking off again. We’re fortunate to have reached alert level 1 where these activities are now possible.

If you have been thinking about living and working in New Zealand or Australia, there is no time like the present to get in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.

Angela & Rachel
Hospital Staff Solutions

For more information about COVID-19 in New Zealand click here.