Our specialist doctors will be pleased to know that Immigration NZ has increased the number of parent resident visas granted each year and reduced the income thresholds.

Michael Wood, NZ’s Immigration Minister, says they “recognise the importance for migrants resettling here to have a pathway for their parents to join them” and that “re-starting the parent category is the right thing to do, and will see New Zealand become an even more attractive destination for high skilled migrants looking to resettle long term, knowing they can do so with their families.”

The category will see a lower income threshold for sponsors of 1.5 times the median wage supporting one parent, and 2 times the median wage for joint sponsors.

This compares to the previous threshold of 2 times the median wage for a single sponsor or 3 times the median wage for joint sponsors.

There will be a new ballot, and the resumption of selecting expressions of interest from the existing queue starting on November 14 for up to 2000 visas a year, among other changes.

The number of Parent Resident Visas granted each year will also increase from 1000 to 2500 a year.

“As part of modernising the Parent Category, from today, any new expressions of interest submitted will go into a ballot rather than add to the existing queue,” Wood said.

“Moving to a ballot means people will avoid a lengthy queue and they will be eligible for selection for two years after submitting their expression of interest.

“An additional 500 visas a year will be granted from the ballot, starting with the first selection in August 2023.”

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**Excerpt from New Zealand Herald article 12 October 2022