As we start the new year, thankfully we’re back on track with NZ’s borders open to medical specialists. International flights are also resuming from South Africa for medical specialists considering NZ to live and work in 2022.

If you’re a doctor who has been waiting for the “right time” to come, that time is now! The 2021 NZ Residence Visa is accessible for medical specialists (critical health workers) who arrive before the end of July 2022.  In addition, MIQ/ isolation time has special places for critical health workers so it’s the easiest it’s been in nearly two years to start your new life’s journey here in New Zealand. Email us here for more information!

Thanks to our vaccination efforts, border controls and MIQ system, many of us here in New Zealand are enjoying our summer holidays with relative freedom.

Right now, New Zealand is sitting at 92 % of the eligible population double vaxxed, with boosters well underway. We’re also getting ready to vaccinate children aged 5-11 from 17th January 2022. So far we’re managing to keep Omicron relatively contained compared with other countries.

Of course, our hospitals remain open and operating to full capacity and we’d like to thank all our medical specialists for their hard work during this time. We hope you all get a well-deserved break at some stage over the summer.

Now NZ’s borders are open to medical specialists, to all overseas doctors we’re working with or are yet to virtually meet, we truly look forward to welcoming you to NZ in 2022. Feel welcome to get in touch to find out how we can help you find your dream job and lifestyle for you and your family!