Exploring New Zealand as a tourist is quite different from deciding where to settle; but what you experience as a doctor visiting Rotorua, you can also enjoy as a resident!

One of our Specialist Radiologists, who moved from South Africa to Auckland at the beginning of 2020, chose to move  from Auckland to Rotorua when the opportunity arose. We asked her about what life is like in Rotorua for herself, her husband and their two dachshunds who relocated with them.

You started out in Auckland then moved to Rotorua, how did that happen?

We visited NZ and completed the Alps to Oceans cycle trip in 2019 and decided to make NZ our new home. We loved Auckland, secured a Radiologist position and moved there mid Feb 2020 (just before lockdown). After eight months I did a few weeks Radiologist locum in Rotorua. We cycled the Red Forest daily and within a week, we bought a house down here and traded city life for lifestyle. I transferred to a permanent Radiologist position in Rotorua without a second thought, and we don’t regret our decision.

When you Google Rotorua lifestyle, it tells you about the plethora of outdoor activities; from the extensive forest trails for hiking and biking, to boating on the lakes, the proximity to beaches and mountains. Do you enjoy these activities in your daily life?

The nature is absolutely gorgeous and unique. We did not have any idea what Rotorua had to offer, since we had never been here before. The cycle trails are known to be one of the top five iconic rides in the world. We cycle and explore at every opportunity we get. We also enjoy boating, snow and water skiing.

What about Rotorua’s general amenities and location?

The quality of food is very good and fresh and easily available everywhere. There are many good restaurants to choose from. The domestic airport 6 km from home and I have skied Queenstown three times. Home is 16 km from work, with a commute time of less than 20 minutes.

Cost of living is something our doctors always ask about. On the ground, what has been your experience?

We bought a two-acre lifestyle property upon moving to Rotorua, where prices are much cheaper compared to Auckland. Everything is more expensive in NZ compared to South Africa, with the Rand/NZD exchange rate being so preposterous. But earning good NZD makes life easy.

Overall, would you recommend Rotorua as a place for doctors to consider when moving to New Zealand?

It’s our best decision and we never want to leave!

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