Dr Du Toit

Safe country with friendly and accepting people, incredible nature and quality of life that we have not experienced before.

Dr Tashbayev

I am very grateful to both of you Rachel and Angela for your assistance and professionalism!

Dr Lukaszewicz

Rachel was extremely helpful in finding me the perfect position in New Zealand. She guided me throughout the entire process and helped me with each and every step. Her advice was invaluable and the communication was great. I couldn’t be happier with my new job and life in New Zealand, and I’d recommend Hospital Staff…

Dr Bowles

Lovely country with lovely people. Fantastic place to live with lots to do. Good free schools. Much better working conditions.

Dr Liebenberg

Thank you Rachel for being there for me along the way. You have easily become a personal friend of mine.

Dr Vasudevan

Angela and Rachel make the process as easy as possible. They will support you in all the different aspects of moving, not just finding a job. Also, they have a great report with the different public and private companies. They are professional but maintain that personal touch which is hard to find. I highly recommend…